First Responers Fishing Tournament


DATE: Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
PLACE: Pasadena Convention Center 7902 Fairmont Parkway, Texas 77507
Phone: Pasadena Convention Center (281) 487-4331
WEB: & Facebook

TIME: There is no morning check-in. Weigh-in will start at 12:00pm and ends at 2:00pm sharp. You may not begin fishing until 5:30am and you must be in line by 2:00pm with fish in hand for weigh in. No exceptions. Allow time for delays getting back to weigh-in.

QUALIFICATIONS: All participants, to be eligible for this competition, trophy awards, cash awards and door prizes, must be a full-time, part-time, reserve, retired honorably Peace Officer, DEA, ICE, Customs, CIA, Fireman full time, part time or volunteer, all branches of Military or EMT personnel, or (civilian guest up to three per boat), providing one (1) team member meets the qualifications to fish in the tournament. Note: Corporate sponsors may fish without a qualified entrant in the boat. If you have questions about eligibility or the rules please give one of the directors a call.

NOTE: Anyone who has guided in the last 2 years, or is currently working as a guide, is eligible to participate in the tournament but in the Open Division only and does not need to meet tournament entry qualifications. Anyone may fish the Open Division as they will not be competing against the team event.

TEAMS: Teams will consist of up to 4 persons. Boats with more than 4 persons are eligible for individual awards only or the Open Division.

REGISTRATION: The registration form must be mailed in or delivered no later than Wednesday, May 20th, 2020. Registration fee will be $60 per person. No money will be refunded after Friday, May 22nd, 2020. Any registration received after Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 will only be accepted with a $10 per person late fee and will be accepted until tournament day. If you do not know who will fish on your team, go ahead and register and send your entry fee before the deadline. You may fill in your team member’s later.

WEATHER: Due to the logistics of a tournament this size, it is almost impossible to reschedule due to weather. In consideration if the weather gets to a degree of being dangerous the tournament will be rescheduled at a later date. Please keep the tournament directors Steve Brown and Epi Garza's phone numbers with you during the tournament hours. If we understand the weather could be a factor, we will be putting information on our phones with up to date information. If we do not answer, please take time to listen to the message. Please consider that the tournament is not just about fishing when decisions are made about cancelation and reschedule. Four hours of fishable weather will constitute a tournament. 

****** If you register after deadline or on tournament day there is no guarantee that you will receive a T-shirt. ******


Stephen Brown (713)724-9939

Epi Garza (832)646-9284


1. Fishing will not start until 5:30 am, you may be on your fishing location, but you cannot start fishing until 5:30am.
2. Each boat is limited to no more than four anglers, including the skipper, for team competition. Boats with more than 4 anglers are eligible for individual awards only or the OPEN division.
3. All entry fees must be paid when you send in your registration form. You may fill in your teammates or make changes in boat information at any time before the tournament.
4. No one may hold your fishing spots.
5. There is no limit as to the area that may be fished, as long as it is in waters that are open to the public.
6. All fish must be submitted for weigh-in by 2:00 pm. If you are in line at 2:00 pm WITH FISH IN HAND, then you have made the deadline and your fish will be weighed. No exceptions!!! We will go by Verizon Cell Phone Satellite time. Please allow time for unexpected delays getting back to weigh-in
7. Only fish caught during the tournament hours are eligible. All fish should be fresh and in an edible condition. Fish that have been frozen, gutted, or mutilated will not be eligible and the angler attempting to weigh a fish that is not legal will be disqualified along with team members.
8. Any fish weighed must be legal according to the laws of the State of Texas.
9. Although it is legal to retain and tag a Red Fish over 28 inches, for the purpose of this tournament a tagged Red Fish will not be accepted. (Slot reds only 20'-28')
10. Only one Speckle Trout per fisherman over 25 inches can be weighed into the tournament whether it is for the team or individual event.
11. All fish entered are subject to inspection and seizure by the Tournament Judge after dissection and/or Tory meter if the Judge feels that the need is necessary.
12. All fish must be caught on rod and reel. Each team member may only fish with one rod and reel at a time.
13. Any participant found to be in breach of tournament rules will be disqualified and will forfeit all fees and awards.
14. Protests must be filed with the Tournament Judge by 2:30 pm.
15. Pooling or transfer of fish is strictly prohibited.
16. When a tie exists, with respect to weight, then the first fish/stringer weighed in will be declared the winner, unless the Tournament Judge rules otherwise.
17. The Tournament Directors decision will be final.
18. All anglers must have a current Texas Fishing License and Saltwater Stamp.
19. All team members must be in sight of each other during the tournament hours while fishing.
20. If fishing with a boat the entire team must use only one boat.
21. TEAM COMPETITION: Each team will weigh their choice of up to five (5) legal specks they have caught. You must choose the five (5) legal Specks you wish to weigh prior to coming to weigh-in. We will not weigh all of your fish and let you choose the heaviest. You may only use a fish one time for one category. (Example: If you weigh a trout for Team it cannot be used for any other category.)
22. All fish will be measured in accordance with TPWD rules on measuring fish. (Check it stick) Pinching of tail to get maximum length will be in place according to TPWD guidelines.
23. If you weigh a fish in any other tournament and your fish is kept, this fish will not be weighed in the First Responders Tournament unless you have the fish in hand at weigh in.
24. Kayak fishing will be considered wade fishing. So all participants must be within 100yds of each other if fishing in the team event.
25. All participants must decide to fish the Team or the Open Division at time of registration. .

Star NOTE RULE CHANGE: Live bait is allowed in the open division.


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